What is a comprehensive treatment?

A comprehensive treatment consists of treating your lawn,garden, shrubs, and bushes, followed by a treatment of the entire perimeter of your home along the exterior foundation wall, under decks and patios, around windows, and around and along doors and door jambs. Finally a comprehensive treatment includes traditional crack and crevice treatment inside your home.

Why do I need exterior treatment?
Insects originate from outside your home. The perimeter treatment is very important in the fight against ants, crickets, camel crickets, earwigs, roaches, beetles, spiders and other home invaders. Many times these insects find their way into your home by accident, but once inside they are treated to food, water, warmth and shelter. There’s not a whole lot of incentive for them to go back out. That’s why it’s important to stop them before they come in.

Does the interior of my home need to be treated?
In most cases yes, but not every square inch of every room. Trained technicians will know where to apply our organic pesticides and how much to apply. If you are experiencing a particular problem in your home, our technician will treat the areas  where those infestations originate. Remember, all of our applications are safe and environmentally friendly. Kimco GREEN will use only kid friendly and pet friendly products.

Do you treat for Mosquitoes?
We are in the middle of mosquito season, and those pesky pests can cause itchy problems for anyone who wishes to enjoy some time out in their back yard, or for those planning a barbecue, back yard party or pool party. Insect repellents are not a safe alternative, and now we have the added threat of diseases such as West Nile Virus and Zika being carried by mosquitoes.

Kimco Green Pest Control has chemical free, organic alternatives to kill mosquito eggs and larva and repel 95% of adult mosquitoes from your property.

We have a one time treatment for those who want their property to be mosquito fee for a special party or barbecue, and we have a full season plan that is surprisingly inexpensive and will keep mosquitoes out of your back yard all season long. You won’t have to worry about those irritating bites and, more importantly, you won’t have to worry about you, your family, or your pets coming into contact with dangerous chemicals.

Kimco Green Pest Control will only use 100% organic products for all of your insect problems. We never use chemicals.

What about bees?
Honey bee and bumble bee populations are dwindling in the United States. Bees pollinate the plants and flowers that are necessary to maintain the ecological balance in nature. Without bees our food sources would diminish. Bees are considered beneficial insects, and are not harmed by the application of the natural pesticides that we use. If you have a bee problem, we recommend that you contact a company that will capture the bees from your property and safely bring them to another location.

Do we have to sign a contract?
No, as a matter of fact we don’t even have contracts. We suggest that you get your property treated three times a year, and we do have an optional 3 TREAT PLAN. If you pay in advance for three treatments you can save as much as 30% and you will be covered year-round with Spring, Summer and Fall treatments.  We consider our chemical free, non-toxic applications an investment in your family’s quality of life and we’re pretty sure that once you’ve seen the benefits of our comprehensive treatments, you won’t have to be tied to a contract to get your property serviced.

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